Our Inspiration


At my 37 week appointment, the doctor performed an ultrasound and took measurements. After a few long minutes, she looked up and told me that my baby was measuring at 32 weeks because he had stopped growing. We needed to get him out as soon as possible.

The next morning, I delivered a healthy 5lb 3oz baby boy. While my husband and I were still at the hospital, our doctor came into our room to tell us our friends, Josh and Kelly, had just lost their baby. Ryan and I didn’t know what to say or do. We were in complete shock. By the grace of God, our doctor saved our son’s life, yet our close friends who were due to deliver a month later had just found out that their son, Caleb, had no heartbeat.

Josh and Kelly’s Story

I got up on Sunday morning having not slept very well due to my oversized pregnant belly, but I was reminded it wouldn’t be long until little Caleb would be in my arms. After going to church where my husband was the assistant pastor, I went to the hospital to visit my friend Becky who had just delivered a 5lb 3oz baby boy. This definitely built my anticipation for my sweet baby, Caleb Micah, to join our family.

The next day, I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt Caleb move. I decided to eat some chocolate and drank a coke because I had read this will cause the baby to kick. I lay on my side, but I didn’t feel any movement!

Josh and I quickly arranged to see the doctor. As the doctor went through the procedures, I could see the concern on her face, but I could never have anticipated her next words.

“I’m so sorry, but your baby has no heartbeat.”

We were in complete shock! Was this really happening? Was Caleb Micah dead? The doctor wasn’t really telling me that I was going to have to go through the entire birthing process to deliver my lifeless son, was she?

We didn’t understand. This was so hard for us to take! Caleb Micah looked healthy, but was not going to go home with us. Instead, we were going to have to bury him.

During my recovery, just a few hours after delivery, one of the hospital staff came in with our hospital bill asking for full payment.

We not only missed out on the first sweet sounds of our dear Caleb, but as the hospital staff so “kindly” reminded us, we were going to have to pay for it in full.

We continue to struggle with the loss of our son every day, and are only making it through by God’s grace and the support of the people He provides. I hope and pray that you never experience anything this tragic and devastating, but if you do, I pray you will have emotional and financial support.

The only thing worse than going through this, would be going through it alone. We do not want you to be alone. I know Mend Your Heart is going to be there for as many families as possible by helping both financially and emotionally.