Mike and Carol Watson were born in Yorkshire, England and married in 1980.  In 2001, they moved to Austin, TX where they raised their three children. They currently oversee a network of home-based communities (house churches) and help lead those communities in spiritual direction and discipleship. For the past five years, Mike and Carol have taught and coached relational principles in the workplace, which also carry over and help the employees in their personal lives. They employ “Business as Usual” techniques, which help companies understand the value of relational care for their employees and customers.  In the process, they work with individuals to remove the hindrances that prevent their creativity and connectedness.  Carol also has an interior decorating and home staging business. Mike and Carol have been very involved on the Twogether in Texas initiative, which helps prepare people for marriage.

Carol knows first hand the toll that death can incur on a family. She was part of a family that lost a child. The family never talked about it, and consequently her brother became very disturbed and still struggles to this day. Over the years Mike and Carol have learned a lot about the value and importance of talking through and processing traumatic events that have occurred in their lives. Carol says, “Death is traumatic—especially the death of an infant. People need help to know how to respond to one another in a beneficial way.” Mike and Carol are offering their services to help families talk through their loss and communicate with each other. The first session will be FREE and if you would like to meet with them on a regular basis, the price will be on a sliding scale depending on what you can afford. No one will ever be turned away due to finances.

In their spare time, Mike enjoys to read, golf, workout and watch movies. Carol enjoys sewing and knitting and doing anything creative. They both enjoy to cook and spend time with their two grandchildren.